Australische Zeitung berichtet über die Tour


Die australische Zeitung “The Sunday Telegraph” berichtet über die Konzerte in “Down Under”, über die Aftershow-Party, Chinese Democracy und den Hilfiger-Vorfall.

“Why his world runs on Axl time” WHEN legendary rocker Axl Rose is on a national tour, a continent is forced to add another time zone. For the past fortnight Australia has been running on Eastern Standard, Central, Western and Axl Time.


You mightn’t have noticed but the fans who turned up to see Guns N’ Roses for the first time in 14 years have been left in no doubt that Rose is not a morning person. On stage and behind the scenes, the tour has proved the flamboyant frontman has shed none of the idiosyncrasies that have earned him the sobriquet “the Howard Hughes of hard rock”. Fans have been warned that, unlike other acts, Guns N’ Roses does not officially take the stage until 11pm. But that’s 11pm Axl time. In reality it’s more like 11.30. And that’s only if Rose has cranked up his private Lear jet in enough time to make it. …

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