Axl Rose verklagt Ex-Manager Irving Azoff [Update]


Die komplette Antwort auf die Klageschrift von Azoff und die Gegenklage von Axl Rose und Guns N’ Roses ist als PDF aufgetaucht. Einige interessante Auszüge aus der Gegenklage rund um die Veröffentlichung von Chinese Democracy: [MEHR]

28. Prior to the release of Chinese Democracy, Azoff negotiated a deal with the record company Universal/Geffen Records and retailer Best Buy to release the album exclusively at Best Buy stores. He earned a substantial commission for negotiating this deal. After receiving the commission, he did little or nothing to oversee and manage the promotion and marketing of the album. Cross-Defendants and Universal/Geffen Records failed to organize any meaningful promotional events, press conferences, marketing campaigns, television and radio appearances, advertisements, or tour announcements. Azoff collected his commission and let the record sit on the shelves. 29. Rose had final approval of the artwork before the release of Chinese Democracy. However, Cross-Defendants and the record company authorized the album’s release without obtaining Rose’s final approval. Even the credits on the album were incorrect. Additionally, Cross- Defendants along with the record company authorized the streaming of Chinese Democracy without Rose’s consent and leaked its content on the internet. This damaged album sales. 30. Chinese Democracy had a very strong debut – number 3 on the Billboard 200 – selling 261,000 copies in its first week of sales. The record was number 1 in Europe. But because there was no promotional campaign by Azoff and Universal/Geffen Records in support of the album, sales slipped. As a result, the band lost substantial revenue in record and ticket sales as well as ancillary revenues associated with this iconic music group. Best Buy was the only store chain in the United States carrying the album. However, at the time of the album’s release, some of the stores did not even have the promotional displays because they were not delivered to the stores promptly. Azoff had a contractual and fiduciary duty to coordinate and manage the promotion of the album to maximize sales. He promised Rose that he would actively promote one of the most anticipated albums of the decade. But he did not, in violation of his promises and obligations.

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