Bumblefoot Interview im ‘The Brag’-Magazine


Peter Hodgson vom ‘The Brag’-Magazin aus Sydney hat sich im Vorfeld der beiden Sydney-Shows von Guns N’ Roses mit Bumblefoot zu einem Interview getroffen.[MEHR]

WELCOME TO THE BUMBLE Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron Thal, more famously known as the virtuoso Bumblefoot, is in the country for the band’s first Aussie shows since the early 90s. Bumblefoot himself is mostly known in guitar circles for his dizzyingly original compositions sense and his near impossible command of the axe, and in the new incarnation of the mighty Gunners he gets to flex his musical muscles over classic material as well as soon-to-be-classics from the forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy. “This is my first time in Australia, and I’m expecting all good things, despite being in the vicinity of the world’s most poisonous creatures. Call me an optimist,” Bumblefoot said. “Seriously, everyone I know who’s come to Australia says it was the best – beautiful scenery, great people. I won’t be disappointed.”

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