GN’R Manager Irving Azoff äußert sich zur “Riad-Klage”


Guns N’ Roses Manager Irving Azoff hat sich zu den Vorwürfen, dass Teile des Songs ‘Riad N’ The Bedouins’ geklaut sind, geäußert. Hier das komplette Statement von Azoff:

“The band believed when the record came out and still believes that there are no unauthorized samples on the track. The snippets of ‘ambient noise’ in question were provided by a member of the album’s production team


who has assured us that these few seconds of sound were obtained legitimately. Artists these days can’t read the minds of those they collaborate with and therefore are unfortunately vulnerable to claims like this one. While the band resents the implication that they would ever use another artist’s work improperly and are assessing possible counterclaims, they are confident this situation will be satisfactorily resolved.”

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