GN’R proben für die Tour


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_newgnrlogo2.jpg[/IMG] Wie im Blog von Eddie Trunk zu lesen ist, proben Guns N’ Roses gerade in Los Angeles fleißig für die anstehende Tour, die am 14. April 2007 in Tokio startet. Eddie Trunk war auf dem Weg nach L.A., wo er dann Ron traf und dieser Ihn zu den Proben der Gunners einlud. Ron meinte dann nur noch zu Ihm, dass das Album fertig ist und bald herauskommt. Na dann, hoffen wir mal, das Ron Recht behält. [Mehr]

Flew out Saturday night only to find Bumblefoots wife in the seat behind me. G&R was rehearing in LA for a Japanese tour and she was flying out to see him. We landed and Bumble was nice enough to offer a lift to my hotel. He said the record is close to coming out soon. … Then Bumblefoot called from G&R rehearsal and invited me to come see the band rehearse. So Gilby drove me to the G&R rehersal studio where I met all the guys in the band and listened to them play their set. I have not really heard this lineup of the band and they did sound great. New drummer Frank kicks ass (and he lives in NJ) and all 3 guitarists played so well together. What really sounded great were the many new songs they played. It feels like this album may finally come out soon. All the guys were super cool and it was great to meet them and talk music. Thanks to Bumble for the invite and the ride back to my hotel after.

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