Professor Thal & Bumblefoot Gig am 17. August


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_ron.JPG[/IMG] Was einige vielleicht nicht wussten, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal ist neben seiner beruflichen Karriere noch Professor am Purchase College im Staate New York. Dort unterrichtet er angehende Musikproduzenten. Der komplette Bericht in englischer Sprache folgt weiter unten.[MEHR] Und noch eine weitere Neuigkeit in Bezug auf Ron. Am 17. August wird er einen Gig in Brooklyn, New York spielen. Man sieht also, dass er die freie Zeit zwischen der Europa- und der US-Tour nicht ungenützt lässt. Hier noch der Bericht bzgl. des Colleges. [i]At Purchase College, he is known as professor Ron Thal, an expert in teaching the art of producing music. But at concerts across Europe, he is known as Bumblefoot, the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. Since May, Thal has been touring with Axl Rose and the heavy metal band that rocked the 1980s and early 1990s with such hits as “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Paradise City.” His fellow faculty and his students couldn’t be more psyched. “I know this gig means a lot to Bumblefoot, and he’s excited to be on tour with them,” said Joe Ferry, a Purchase College professor who chairs the Studio Production Department. “He is like the most amazingly talented guitarist I’ve ever known, and he’s just a regular guy.” Thal, 36, has been playing before thousands of fans from Spain and Portugal to Hungary and Italy. In an e-mail last week, he said Guns N’ Roses management asked that he not be interviewed, and he had to honor their wishes. But several Web sites show that he has been busy overseas. There are photos and videos of him playing guitar, including a solo with the song “Don’t Cry.” Thal also is close to the action of lead singer Axl Rose, who continues to make headlines on his latest tour. In June, he was arrested in Sweden, accused of biting a security guard in the leg at his hotel. He was released from a Stockholm jail that evening, after he admitted to the charges and agreed to pay a fine of $5,500. Last month, Rose almost started a riot in England after delaying a concert so he could first eat a roast lamb dinner. While Guns N’ Roses was most popular more than a decade ago, the group still retains legions of fans and will be on tour through the end of the year. Christina Ticciano, who is studying studio production at Purchase College, said she is really excited for Thal. At the college, he is known as an innovative professor. He takes his students on walks around campus to listen to planes flying overhead and people talking. He then has them translate those sounds into their work. They go up to buildings on campus and clap their hands to hear the sounds bounce off them. And he takes them to his studio in Princeton, N.J., to work on music. Ticciano said Thal is a laid-back professor and easy to talk to but also very smart. “He just shares so much knowledge with us,” said Ticciano, 19. “And he’s just so approachable about anything. It’s great.”[/i][MEHR]

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