[Review] 20.09.06 San Fransico, USA


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_newgnrlogo2.jpg[/IMG] Soeben ging die erste von zwei ausverkauften Shows in San Francisco zu Ende. Bei der Show fand man diesmal keine Videos und weniger Pyro-Effekte als sonst üblich, vor. [Mehr] Die Setlist schaut so aus: Intro Welcome To The Jungle It’s So Easy Mr. Brownstone Live And Let Die New(?) Fink Solo with Pedal/Echo Effect Sweet Child O’ Mine Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door Vocal acrobatics and sing along … (???) Better …. (Axl’s getting a mic pad replaced during better… Bfoot is kicking the songs ass) Piano Moving Jam Dizzy Solo The Blues Band Introductions … (During the band introductions Axl says “The PERFECT Replacement, if there ever was one… Tommy” ) Fortus Solo – Beautiful (With Fink) You Could Be Mine Used to Love Her Piano Moving Jam November Rain Ballad of the Unknown Opener … (??? – probably just more solo stuff) My Michelle (With Baz) BFoot Solo (Don’t Cry) Out Ta Get Me Adams Family Theme IRS Patience Nightrain … (Ron played the solo to Nightrain with a fretless guitar) Madagascar Paradise City

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