Ron nimmt neues Solo Album auf [Update]


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_ron.JPG[/IMG]Ron berichtet in seinem Forum, wie weit er mit den Aufnahmen zu seinem neuen Solo-Album gekommen ist und was noch zu tun ist. Rons Original-Post:

Hey all – miss ya’s too. Gotta say, this cutting-myself-off-from-the-world has been great for focusing on this, been able to dig deep… Progress report:


4 solos left to play, one being Guitars Still Suck, saving that for last. 6 acoustic guitar tracks to lay, then cellos on a few songs, and a buncha backing vocals… Then sort dozens of vocal takes for 14 of the songs (to get a natural spontaneous legit feel, I spent the month of January going into the studio every day, singing the entire album straight through without stopping, then leaving – haven’t listened to any of it yet…) Also did all the bass and rhythm guitars last month. Then reamp all the bass and guitar tracks through better amps and mics… got some nice ribbon mics, trying some Splawn amps along with the Line6 Vetta2 and Spider3…) Then start mixing, artwork, mastering – those 3 little things that each destroy my mind while doing them… then manufacturing and promotion… fucking endless process, really feelin’ it… but it’s getting there, very happy with everything so far. Focused on guitar noodling right now, will edit some vids once it feels ok to take my eyes off the album for a minute. ‘Til then…

Das vorerst letzte der fünf Videos von den Aufnahme-Sessions mit dem Titel “Last Day of Drums” mit Ron am Bass. [HTML] [/HTML]

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