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[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_tommy.jpg[/IMG] Gestern gab Tommy Stinson ein doch sehr interessantes Interview mit dem New Yorker Radio Sender Q104.3. Er sprach über die aktuelle Situation bei Guns N’ Roses, dem doch wohl bald erscheinenden Album und der darauffolgenden Tour.

The record is going to be called Chinese Democracy, unless something should change in that — I don’t think it will. uhm… and it will hopefully be out this — early on this year

[MEHR] Das ganze Interview:

Out of the Box:: Allright let me ask the Guns N’ Roses question Tommy Stinson: Pop it out. Out of the Box:: Tell us where that is now… tell us the name of the album, because I forgot already… it’s supposed… is it Chinese…? What’s… Tommy Stinson: The record is going to be called Chinese Democracy, unless something should change in that — I don’t think it will. uhm… and it will hopefully be out this — early on this year Out of the Box:: in 2005? Tommy Stinson: Yeah, and we’ll get out and tour behind it and do all the stuff that you do behind a rock record Out of the Box:: Right Tommy Stinson: (In inaudible) Out of the Box:: (laughs) Yeah, hopefully. We love that. Um.. you did a show at the Garden with Guns N’ Roses Tommy Stinson: Yeah Out of the Box:: About a year or more ago at this point Tommy Stinson: 2 years ago now Out of the Box:: 2 years ago…. then the craziness… incident in Philadelphia where the show was cancelled or something, right? Tommy Stinson: Yeah, there was a there was a problem with the.. with the promoting aspect of that tour… they pulled the plug on it and I can’t really go into it Out of the Box:: Right… Tommy Stinson: needless to say it wasn’t our fault Out of the Box:: Okay Tommy Stinson: Wasn’t Axl’s fault Out of the Box:: Good Tommy Stinson: His slate and our slate is clean. He just gets the blame for it because thats where people like to throw the blame – at him Out of the Box:: So as you’re in guns n roses… and when you do that… when you have… you know when you’re actually working with him…are you writing with him? Are you just rehearsing and.. the songs with him when he’s ready to go into the studio? or? Tommy Stinson: No. We we all kinda… we kinda all work together. It’s a strange process Ive never done before but basically its eight people collaborating on said tidbits of music or you know stuff we work up it can be any number of things.. I think all of us so far have brought in pieces of music that we’ve worked into the bew record in one form or another and for the most part its a total collaborative effort – him involved and us all involved and kinda mushing stuff around and trying to make songs out of it I think the outcome of that has been extrodinary like I hadn’t – I hadn’t done that before with the replacements was all Paul wrote the songs and kinda dictated what we were gonna do and stuff where Axl is more of a inclusive kind of guy and uh — Out of the Box:: So thats good to know. A lot of people might think otherwise of Axl — Tommy Stinson: Yeah, yeah — that’s kinda why I wanted to talk about it… Out of the Box: Because of (inaudible) reputation Tommy Stinson: …because people kinda have this whole different thing on him – and its not really up to me to destroy the myth, but – Out of the Box:: Of course – Tommy Stinson: But the one myth I can destroy is that – he is very much a collaborator. Pretty much produced this record as far as I’m concerned. And the stuff that is on it – I’m VERY proud of. I think it’s amazng Out of the Box:: Really? Tommy Stinson: The things I heard before I went on tour were.. were absolutely awesome to me.. so…. Out of the Box:: Where are the.. .are the tracks pretty much done and they’re just trying to find a date to release or there’re a few more things to do? Tommy Stinson: The artwork, all those little things like that, getting all the, you know…the particulars, the little bits done… Out of the Box:: Right Tommy Stinson: …so they can actually get a release date and put it out Out of the Box:: So the music is done? Tommy Stinson: The music’s DONE Out of the Box:: Oh, okay. Tommy Stinson: It’s BEEN done… for a while Out of the Box: Wow, we can’t wait to hear it. Come by with a few copies will ya? (laughs) The new album from Tommy Stinson. Village Gorilla Head. Check it out in stores. Tommy playing at Southpaw in Brooklyn this coming Thursday night February 3rd and… …Tommy its been a pleasure man Tommy Stinson: Thank you very much Out of the Box:: Please come back Tommy Stinson: Thank you. Out of the Box:: Open invitation. Brand new Tommy Stinson now. ‘Something’s Wrong’ Out of the Box: on Q104.3

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