Axl bei den NBA Finals


NBC interviewte Axl Rose beim 3. Spiel des NBA Finals der Philadelphia 76Sixers gegen die L.A. Lakers. Ausgestrahlt wurde es bei der “After Game Show”. Einige Screenshots und die Abschrift des Interviews findet Ihr [MEHR] hier: Abschrift des Interviews:

Fred Roggin: Do you know who this is? The lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose. Wow. What did you think? [Axl sorta laughing at Fred’s dramatic introduction ;] Axl: I thought it was amazing, it’s a lot of fun. This was my first basketball game ever, in person. FR: This is your first game ever in person? Axl: Yeah – to go see it live, yes. FR: Coming in, were you rooting for the Lakers or the Sixers? Axl: The Lakers are my favorite team, but I’m a huge Allen Iverson fan, so I’m rooting for the underdog, ‘cos the Lakers are like, a given. So it’s like – I win either way with this one. FR: Now Axl, you sat out there, you experienced the fans…. Axl: But I want the season to go longer – they should extend the series – make it like a 10 game series. [I think he really wants the Sixers to win ;] FR: Now I gotta tell you something very seriously – I know it’s your first basketball game ever, and I know it’s all very exciting, but when all is said and done the season will have been long enough – it’s a very long season. Now let me ask you, what did you think of these fans? People say it’s a tough crowd, it’s a rough crowd – what did you think? Axl: I thought it was alright, I thought it was pretty mellow… I thought it was nice. FR: Well we think you’re very nice for coming over. Axl: I’m rooting for both teams – when it’s exciting, it’s exciting, you know. I mean you can’t take anything away from Shaq or Kobe, you just can’t. FR: Axl, thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your time, glad you enjoyed your first game. Axl: Thank you very much.

Screenshots des Interviews: [IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/sonstiges/06_2001_axl_nbc_1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/sonstiges/06_2001_axl_nbc_2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/sonstiges/06_2001_axl_nbc_3.jpg[/IMG]

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