Duff äußert sich über Axl


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_duff.jpg[/IMG]Duff hat sich einmal mehr über Axl Rose und das Ende der ursprünglichen Guns N’ Roses geäußert, und zwar in der Zeitung The Times-Picayune. Er sagte:[MEHR] “Axl made it an Axl thing, but it really wasn’t,” McKagan said. “He never wrote any of the music. That was part of the reason it broke up, because we’d play shows and he’d say, ‘Here’s a song I wrote about . . .’ and it would be a song he had nothing to do with.” Gleichzeitig will er Axl aber nichts Böses und ergänzte seine Aussage mit “I’m not knocking him, we did go through a lot together, and we accomplished a lot together back then. But this is now. And we’re having a great time. We hope to do this until we can’t do it no more.”



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