Neuer Gitarrist gefunden?


Ron Thal von dem N.Y.C. Project BUMBLEFOOT Projekt wurde anscheinend gefragt ob er nicht der neue Gitarrist für Guns N’ Roses sein möchte.

Guitar shredder Ron Thal of the New York City-based alternative-rap-metal project BUMBLEFOOT has been asked to join GUNS N’ ROSES as the replacement for Buckethead, according to a posting at “Since, the rumors are already flyin’, I might as well say,” Ron writes on the site. “I was asked to join GUNS N’ ROSES two months ago. It’s not definitely happenin’, we’re just feelin’ it out. When decisions have been made, I’ll let y’all know.” Ron Thal started as a solo artist on Shrapnel/Roadrunner Records with the instrumental guitar-oriented CD “The Adventures Of Bumblefoot” in May 1995 (voted one of the Best Newcomers in Young Guitar magazine’s Readers’ Poll in January 1996) and the vocal “Hermit” CD in January 1997. Through his own production company, Hermit Inc., Thal (a.k.a. Bumblefoot) has released his own music, and has worked as a producer, songwriter, and hired musician. Credits include CNN, MTV, Jessica Simpson, Cher, LeAnn Rimes, and many more.

[MEHR] Hier ein paar Bilder von ihm: [IMG]/php/news/newsbilder/news_bilder_2004/04.09.ronthal01.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]/php/news/newsbilder/news_bilder_2004/04.09.ronthal02.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]/php/news/newsbilder/news_bilder_2004/04.09.ronthal03.jpg[/IMG]



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