Tommy korrigiert Aussage über Releasedate von Chinese Democracy


[IMG=left]/php/news/newsbilder/bilder/news_tommy.jpg[/IMG]In einer Phoenixer Zeitung wird Tommy mit der Aussage zitiert, dass das von den Fans in aller Welt seit langem erwartete neue Studioalbum von Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy wohl erst Anfang 2004 erscheinen wird, kurz vor dem Release seines Solo Albums.[MEHR]

After next weekend?s Middle East gig ? the tour?s last ? Stinson rejoins Axl and company for what he says is the last bit of work on Chinese Democracy. “There?s definitely a record, and it?s definitely close to being done. And Axl?s been super supportive. So hopefully the GNR album will be out early in the new year, and my album will come out in February or March, and then I?ll have all this new music to promote. Y?know, I?m pretty lucky with all this.”

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